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Shawsheen River Greenway

Since 1992, Andover volunteers have been working to improve the public's access to and appreciation of the Shawsheen River. The Shawsheen is the historic heart of our community, a recreational and educational treasure, a conservation reserve, and a transportation corridor.

A multi-use path along the Shawsheen's banks could connect key features of the community. Between Ballardvale and Shawsheen Village, a river trail would link commuter bus parking, train station, high school and middle school, post office, shopping centers, Penguin Park, and existing conservation and AVIS lands.

In addition to protected land along the Shawsheen River included in the guidebook, several other town-owned or AVIS properties lie along the river: conservation land at the corner of Central Street and Red Spring Road, undeveloped AVIS land between Essex and Stevens Streets, conservation land on the east side of Main Street, a new AVIS property also along Main Street, and a conservation easement opposite Brickstone Square. Efforts are underway to acquire conservation land in Andover adjacent to Den Rock Park.

Lawrence and North Andover have also been improving citizens' access to their stretches of the river, including improvements to Den Rock Park and a walking path near North Andover Plaza.

The current focus is on preserving land and obtaining easements along the river. A pedestrian bridge over the Shawsheen near Main Street is in the town's Capital Improvement Plan. The public is encouraged to use the existing open space and to support future connections.