New Map Tool Makes Accessing Andover's Rivers, Trails and Ponds Even Easier

Ever wonder where to launch a boat, bike on a quiet road, or hike in Andover’s expansive trails network? A new web-based map app has been developed by the Andover Outdoor Challenge team, with the support of the Andover Trails Comittee, to take the guess work out of how to find the best locations to paddle, pedal and hike. Best yet it is free and can be opened on your smart phone, so you can use it in the field. Developed in coordination with the town of Andover GIS department, this tool will soon have the capacity to link you to many other resources in Town for deeper exploration.

The new “Andover Mass. Trails & Rivers Web App,” ( includes overlays for hiking, biking, and paddling, and provides the location of boat launches, bike routes, and parking to access our Town’s expansive trails network. A valuable complement to the map is the information on current conditions, events and programs provided to those that sign-up at the 2016 Andover Challenge Signup Page. By adding your name to the list of enthusiasts, you will stay connected to the network of like-minded walkers, paddlers, and cyclists in Town.

New Andover Bike Loops!

If you are looking for information on the newly established 10-mile and 25-mile bike loops in Andover, download the maps and detailed cue sheets here!

SIGN UP NOW! The 2016 Andover Challenge!

Andover enjoys extraordinary opportunities for hiking, biking, trail running, and paddling close-to-home. Few communities can offer the breadth of quality outdoor experiences which lie in our community. Make this the year that you take advantage of Andover's great outdoor spaces. Learn about trail hiking, trail running, paddling, biking, and winter sports from others in the community and connect with the resources that you need.

Building on the initial Andover Outdoor Challenge, the new more accessible approach for 2016 challenges all residents, families, businesses to discover our town's trails, rivers, and lakes at their own pace and convenience.

The spirit of the Andover Outdoor Challenge is to inspire the community to try all the following elements during 2016

-Hike or run on the Bay Circuit Trail in Andover
-Paddle on the Shawsheen River in Andover
-Road bike the quiet streets on the marked routes
-Explore Andover's extensive protected open lands
-Fish, paddle, or swim in Fosters, Pomps, and Field Pond (no swimming in Field pond).
-Mountain bike on the off-road trails, where allowed, in Andover.

To sign up and then track your progress, visit the 2016 Andover Challenge Signup Page 

The goal of the 2016 Challenge is to complete as much of each element individually, as a family, or as a team in the calendar year. Meet the standard of a "Hero"; an "Adventurer"; an "Explorer".

The standards for each category will be posted on the Andover Trails Committee Facebook Page, as well guidance on access points, maps, and conditions.

We definitely encourage you to visit and 'like' the Andover Trails Committee Facebook Page for regular updates, including trip tips, advice on access points, route recommendations and more. Please note that you are your own judge and guide. Enjoy yourself and do not get hurt.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to David Bunting at [email protected]

About Us

The Andover Trails Committee is a citizens committee including members of the Conservation Commission, the Appalachian Mountain Club, Andover Village Improvement Society, the Bay Circuit Alliance, The Trustees of Reservations, and just plain folk who appreciate the outdoor recreational opportunities of Andover. It was reactivated in the spring of 1991 to focus on the establishment of the Bay Circuit Trail in Andover.

The committee continues to support Bay Circuit Alliance projects. It is also working on the Shawsheen River Greenway initiative. The Andover Trails Committee will continue its work to increase the public's access to recreational trails by publicizing trail events, seeking volunteers to work on trails, raising funds for trail improvements, and working with regional groups to create trail networks.