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Bay Circuit Trail

The Bay Circuit Trail is a trail from the north shore to the south shore of Massachusetts covering close to 200 miles. The Bay Circuit Trail route in North Andover and Andover covers 19.1 miles. Its sections are described in the Guidebook and include (from East to West):
  • Harold Parker State Forest: Rte. 114 to Salem St. (2.5 miles); Salem St. to Jenkins Rd. (1 mile)
  • Skug & Hammond Reservations: Jenkins Rd. to Salem St. (1 mile); Salem St. to Korinthian Way (0.5 mile); Korinthian Way & Gray Rd. (0.2 mile)
  • Ward Reservation: Gray Rd. to Tucker Rd. (0.4 mile); Tucker Rd. to Prospect Rd. (1.6 miles); Prospect Rd. and Rte. 125 (0.3 mile)
  • Phillips Academy & Purdon Reservation: Rte. 125 to Central St. (1.8 miles); Central St. to Lupine Rd. (0.2 mile); Lupine Rd., Central St., Reservation Rd.(0.4 mile)
  • Indian Ridge & West Parish Meadow: Reservation Rd. to intersection of Cutler Rd. (1.3 miles)
  • West Parish Cemetery & Doyle Link: Reservation & Cutler Rds. to Rte. 133 (Lowell St.) (0.5 mile); Rte. 133 (Lowell St.) to High Plain Rd. (1 mile); High Plain Rd. (1.4 miles)
  • Rafton Reservation & Fish Brook: High Plain Rd. to jct. Chandler Rd. & River Rd. (2 miles); Launching Rd (0.3 mile)
  • Deer Jump Reservation: Launching Rd. to Tewksbury town line (2.7 miles)

Bay Circuit Trail Markings

The route of the Bay Circuit Trail is marked in Andover with two kinds of markings:
  • 4" square plastic Bay Circuit logos at key trailheads
  • Along the route, white dollar bill-sized blazes, oriented vertically and painted or nailed on trees or poles (in a few places, painted on curbs or sidewalks). One blaze means to continue straight along the trail. Two blazes on top of each other indicate a change ahead. If the upper blaze is offset to the left or right it indicates that the Trail will be turning in that direction.